If you search my name in google hoping for a Facebook profile you’ll be out of luck. However, seeing as it has become customary for businesses to do a little digging into prospects lives outside of work I decided to add this page. Here’s a little about me.

I am a self typed infj on the mbti system, I cannot say how certain this typing is as I’ve had some difficulty pin pointing it but for now I can say I am fairly certain I am this type. With that said I have something of an interest in psychology typology or otherwise, I just like trying to figure out what makes people tick. No matter who it is I have a habit of trying to figure out people and their motives. I find it fun.

You can say I am an avid electronic music fan, Deadmau5, rusko, skrillex, xilent, flux pavilion, zedd, etc .. I could go on and on. I like music that has energy, music that makes you want to get up and dance. Granted I don’t typically get up and dance .. unless we are at a concert. Despite loving what is essentially this eras dance music I don’t frequent any clubs, though if I have a few drinks I do come to enjoy the scene. My second favorite music is Rock, Disturbed, Korn, Metallica, godsmack, etc. I guess I sorta like this music for a similar reason as electronic. Hard rock also packs a lot of energy, it’s called head banging music for a reason.

When I’m not listening to music, writing in my journal, trying to figure someone out, or all three at once I am playing video games on my custom built PC. I am a fan of mmos and am usually playing one or two consistently at any given time. Right now it is swtor and eso, Star Wars: The old Republic and Elder Scrolls Online for those who had acronyms. Outside of those I’m always trying to play multi player games with my friends, don’t get me wrong I do like single player rpgs but if I get a chance to play a game with someone I will always take that option.

Right I did mention my custom PC, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere else on this site but it’s worth mentioning again. I love PC hardware, I enjoy building PCs whether out of spare parts or a high performance monster out of brand new components. I  also enjoy overclocking things, I’m not sure why but I just enjoy tinkering with things and this is an outlet for that.

Now if I were to have a Facebook page I’m sure all of the above would be mentioned regularly. Hmm I suppose I could also mentioned my dislike for Facebook and the like. First let me mention that I am very opinionated and idealistic. My beef with Facebook is firstly with the type of posts most people write. It’s typically something shallow and something that only they care about and wish to push onto others. Secondly, everyone seems to plays games on it, stupid little games filled in micro transactions that are essentially stealing people blind while spamming to all of their friends so that the plague and spread. Thirdly and lastly, Facebook has never been very up-front with their privacy standards. They track everything you do, yes, other companies do the same but those companions aren’t all about you posting personal stuff on their website. They then turn around and sell this information to advertisers so that again you can waste more of your hard earned cash. So yea, I dislike Facebook. /rant

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